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Things to do in Atlantic City


Things to do in Atlantic City

Atlantic City is famous for its casinos, boardwalk, and pretty beaches. It’s great for exciting nights out, fun family times, or just chilling by the sea. As you walk around, you’ll see fun, adventure, and peace all mixed together. This makes Atlantic City a top place to visit. Here are the best things to see and do there.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the lively atmosphere of the iconic Atlantic City Boardwalk.
  • Experience top-notch nightlife and casino options for an unforgettable time.
  • Enjoy family-friendly attractions suitable for visitors of all ages.
  • Unwind on the stunning beaches with plenty of activities to explore.
  • Indulge in diverse culinary delights, from local dishes to fresh seafood.

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Explore the Iconic Atlantic City Boardwalk

The Atlantic City Boardwalk started in 1870. It’s a key part of the city’s charm. It’s over four miles long with historic landmarks and fun.

History and Significance

As one of the first boardwalks in the United States, the Atlantic City Boardwalk is very special. It was first made to keep sand out of hotels. Now, it shows off the area’s rich history and culture.

Popular Attractions Along the Boardwalk

There are many fun places on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Highlights include:

  • The Steel Pier amusement park, with fun for all.
  • Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museum, full of surprises.
  • Lots of shops and eateries with unique treats.

Each spot offers its own Atlantic City fun. There’s something for everyone.

Tips for First-Time Visitors

Here are some tips for your first Boardwalk visit:

  • Wear comfy shoes for walking.
  • Bring cash for arcade games and food.
  • Try the famous rolling chairs for a fun ride.

Remember these tips for a great time at this famous spot.

Vibrant Nightlife and Casino Experiences

Atlantic City is famous for its lively nightlife and fancy casinos. It gives visitors a mix of thrills and elegance. If you want to gamble or just have fun at night, this city has it all.

Top Casinos to Visit

Some top casinos in Atlantic City are:

  • Borgata: It’s upscale with many games. Borgata also has top dining and live shows.
  • Caesars: A classic casino with lots of games and big shows. It’s a place you must see.
  • Tropicana: Tropicana is known for its colorful look, big gaming areas, and fun shows all night.

Nightclubs and Bars

Atlantic City’s nightlife is famous. There are many clubs and bars to check out. Premier Nightclub brings famous DJs and a fun crowd. If you want something different, try Wet Willie’s for frozen drinks. You can find a place that fits what you like, whether it’s dancing or relaxing.

Safety Tips for Nightlife in Atlantic City

Keeping safe while having fun at night is key:

  • Stick to well-lit areas: Always be in places that are bright and full of people.
  • Use licensed cabs: Always use official taxis or apps to get around safely.
  • Be aware of your surroundings: Watch your things and pay attention to where you are.

Having fun in Atlantic City’s nightlife and casinos is great when you stay safe. So, go out with your friends and enjoy everything this exciting city offers!

Family-Friendly Attractions

Atlantic City is more than a place for grown-ups. It’s full of Atlantic City family attractions great for kids. You can explore the Atlantic City Aquarium. It has fun learning exhibits about sea life for all.

For something memorable, try a boat tour to watch dolphins. This is a fun activity for kids. They will love it. Storybook Land is also a perfect spot if your family likes fairytales. It makes classic stories come alive with rides and fun.

The Boardwalk has cool arcades for kids and adults. Mini-golf is there too for more fun activities for kids. Atlantic City offers many family-friendly activities. Whether it’s adventures in the sea or enjoying magical tales, there’s a lot to do.

Relax on the Beautiful Beaches

Atlantic City beaches are perfect for those wanting to relax by the sea. You can pick from many beautiful spots. Whether you like quiet time or fun activities, there’s a beach for you.

Best Beaches in Atlantic City

The central Atlantic City Beach is lively and close to the famous Boardwalk. For a quieter spot, check out Brigantine Beach just north of the city. It’s calm and far from crowded places. Both beaches are part of the New Jersey Shore. This area is loved for its beauty and many beach choices.

Activities to Enjoy on the Beach

Atlantic City beaches offer lots of activities. You can sunbathe, swim, or try surfing and parasailing for more action. If you prefer slow activities, walking along the shore is beautiful. Whatever you pick, you’ll have a fun and memorable day at the beach.

Indulge in Atlantic City’s Culinary Delights

Atlantic City shines not just with its bright lights but also with its food. From fancy meals to local eats, there’s something for everyone here. You won’t go hungry with all the choices around.

Top Restaurants to Try

Dock’s Oyster House is a gem for seafood lovers. It has been around for more than 100 years. Tony Boloney’s is perfect for a relaxing meal. It serves tasty pies that are different from your usual pizza.

Local Dishes You Must Sample

You can’t leave Atlantic City without trying salt water taffy. It’s a sweet candy that echoes the beach life. Also, don’t miss out on AC’s famous subs. These big sandwiches are full of flavors and fresh ingredients.

Where to Find the Best Seafood

Seafood fans are in for a treat in Atlantic City. There are many places to enjoy seafood fresh from the ocean. The Lobster House stands out with its tasty seafood dishes. Whether you crave lobster, clams, or fish, it promises a great meal.

Shopping in Atlantic City

Shopping in Atlantic City is fun and diverse for all. You can find big brands or special souvenirs. Everyone finds something they like.

Tanger Outlets is a favorite of mine. It’s an outdoor mall with many stores, including luxury and cheap finds. It’s perfect for deal hunters. You can spend lots of time looking at different stores.

For unique items, walk on the Boardwalk. It has small shops with special fashion and souvenirs. These shops suit all tastes and budgets. You’re sure to find a great keepsake.

“Atlantic City shopping isn’t just about buying things; it’s about the experience. Each shop tells a story, and each souvenir you purchase carries a piece of that narrative.”

Don’t forget the local markets. They are not as busy. Here, you can find hand-made things not seen elsewhere. It’s a great way to remember your trip.

Atlantic City is great for shopping, whether you stay a day or longer. The outlets have big names, and the Boardwalk has unique items. Make sure to explore and see what you discover!

Explore Historical Sites and Museums

Atlantic City has many treasures of history to see. Don’t miss the Absecon Lighthouse. It’s one of the oldest in the country. It offers amazing views and a peek into the city’s past.

The African American Heritage Museum of Southern New Jersey is not to be overlooked. It shares the rich history of African Americans in the area. It’s full of interesting things to learn and see.

There are also many cultural museums in the city. Each one has its own story of Atlantic City’s lively history. They are perfect for anyone who loves history or just wants to learn more.

Heritage tours in Atlantic City are very enriching. They connect you to the area’s past. From the Absceon Lighthouse to the African American Heritage Museum, there’s a lot to discover. These places make learning about history fun and exciting.

Attend Live Shows and Performances

Are you a fan of live music, theater, or comedy? Atlantic City has it all for you. Enjoy dazzling concerts and funny comedy shows. Spend an evening full of fun in the city.

Best Venices for Live Music

The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and the Borgata Music Box are top spots for live shows. At the Hard Rock, enjoy concerts from famous artists and new stars. The Borgata Music Box gives a closer, more personal concert feel.

Theater and Comedy Clubs

Theater fans and comedy lovers will find great spots in Atlantic City. The Comedy Stop is where you can laugh out loud with top comedians. For dance and drama, the Atlantic City Ballet performs beautiful shows.

Atlantic City is perfect for those who love live entertainment. With music, theater, and comedy, your nights will be memorable. Enjoy the city’s best venues and have unforgettable moments.

Outdoor Activities and Parks

Atlantic City is great for outdoor fun, beyond just the famous beaches. There are lots of recreational areas for everyone. You can run, bike, or take easy walks in beautiful parks.

Brighton Park is a must-see. It’s between the big casinos and the ocean. It’s perfect for picnics or calm walks among sculptures and fountains. I love going back to relax and enjoy the quiet.

The Atlantic City Marina District is also amazing. You can see beautiful sights and do things like bike or jog by the water. It’s perfect for morning runs or chilling in the evening by the sea.

Looking for adventure? There are many parks and spots for fun in Atlantic City. These places are great for family days or quiet time alone. You’ll always have a fun day in Atlantic City’s outdoors.

Water Sports and Adventures

If you love thrilling water sports, Atlantic City is perfect. Enjoy jet skiing, parasailing, or paddleboarding for excitement. Each one offers a fun way to boost your adrenaline.

I’ll never forget my first jet ski ride. Rushing through the water with the city skyline behind me was amazing. Jet skiing is a must for thrill-seekers. It’s fast and lets you see the coast in a cool way. It’s also a top choice in Atlantic City.

Parasailing offers a different thrill – it’s like flying! You soar over the ocean and see stunning views. It’s a mix of excitement and peace, high above the beachfront.

Paddleboarding is for those wanting calm but fun times. It’s peaceful and shows off Atlantic Harbor’s beauty. You can go alone or with friends, making it a social sport in Atlantic City.

These adventures make your heart race and show you a new side of Atlantic City.

In Atlantic City, you can speed on a jet ski, parasail high, or paddleboard on gentle waves. Each activity promises an unforgettable experience.

Seasonal Events and Festivals

Atlantic City is famous for its exciting seasonal attractions. There are airshows that will take your breath away and beer fests for ultimate fun. No matter what time of year, there’s always something great happening.

Annual Events Not to Miss

  • Atlantic City Airshow: Also known as “A Salute to Those Who Serve,” this event showcases amazing planes in the sky. It draws crowds who love aviation.
  • Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival: A yearly event that combines great craft beer and music. You can try different beers and listen to live bands.
  • Miss America Pageant: This is a historic and glamorous night. It’s where the new Miss America is crowned, watched by people all over the country.

These Atlantic City events and festivals show just a bit of what the city has to offer. Whether it’s summer or winter, you’ll find an exciting event to make your visit special.

Day Trips from Atlantic City

Atlantic City is not just a place to stay. It’s also great for day trips. You can visit lovely seaside towns or explore the history of nearby cities. There are many fun trips from Atlantic City to enjoy.

Nearby Cities and Attractions

A favorite day trip is to Cape May. This town is known for its Victorian buildings and pretty beaches. You can see the Cape May Lighthouse and walk down Washington Street Mall.

Philadelphia is another good choice. It’s close and full of history and culture. You can see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. The city also has great food and neat areas to explore.

For nature lovers, the Pine Barrens is perfect. This area is great for hiking, birding, and canoeing. It’s a peaceful place to relax and enjoy nature.

Whether you like history or nature, Atlantic City excursions have something for you. So, get ready for some amazing trips near Atlantic City.

Things to Do in Atlantic City

Atlantic City has lots of fun things to do. You can walk on the famous Boardwalk or eat delicious food. There’s something for everyone here.

Take a walk on the historic Atlantic City Boardwalk. It has cool shops and places to eat. You’ll see the city’s lively culture as you walk around.

Eating here is a big must-do. You can have fresh seafood or tasty boardwalk snacks. Try some local dishes to make your trip special.

Going to a live show is fun. You might like music, theater, or comedy. Enjoy a great show one evening and make lasting memories.

If you want to relax, go to a spa. Get some treatments and take it easy. It’s a great break from all the activity.

Atlantic City is full of places to see and things to do. Get ready to make unforgettable memories in this exciting city.


As we end this guide on Atlantic City, we see it has much to offer everyone. The famous Boardwalk is full of historic sites and fun spots. The nightlife is amazing with its casinos and nightclubs.

Families will enjoy the many attractions and lovely beaches here. They are great for fun and relaxing. Atlantic City is also known for its food scene. It has many top restaurants and seafood spots.

If you love shopping, the city’s markets are a must-see. There are also places for history lovers and outdoor fans. The city offers parks, water sports, and more.

There are always fun events and festivals happening. You can also visit nearby places for more adventures. This guide shows that Atlantic City is perfect for any trip. It’s a wonderful choice for a New Jersey vacation.


What are the top activities to do in Atlantic City?

Atlantic City is known for fun casinos and a cool Boardwalk. It has pretty beaches and lots of food places. Families will like the aquarium, mini-golf, and Storybook Land.People looking for excitement can try water sports. They can also enjoy a night out at clubs and bars.

What can I expect when visiting the Atlantic City Boardwalk?

The Atlantic City Boardwalk started in 1870. It has historic and fun spots. You can go to the Steel Pier amusement park and Ripley’s museum.There are many shops and places to eat. Wear comfy shoes and try the rolling chairs!

Which casinos are a must-visit in Atlantic City?

You should see the Borgata, Caesars, and Tropicana casinos. Each place has lots of games, great food, and live shows. They’re perfect for enjoying the city’s bright nightlife.

Are there family-friendly attractions in Atlantic City?

Yes, for sure! Families can go to the Atlantic City Aquarium or see dolphins. You can spend a fun day at Storybook Land, too.The Boardwalk also has cool arcades and mini-golf.

What beaches in Atlantic City are the best?

The main Atlantic City Beach is popular. Brigantine Beach is quieter but just as fun. Both are great for sunbathing, swimming, and surfing.

Where should I eat in Atlantic City?

Try Dock’s Oyster House for fancy dining. Tony Boloney’s is more laid-back. Don’t miss local treats like salt water taffy and famous subs. For seafood, The Lobster House is awesome.

What shopping options are available in Atlantic City?

There are many shopping spots. Tanger Outlets have brand-name stores. The Boardwalk offers unique boutiques for souvenirs and fashion.

Are there historical sites and museums in Atlantic City?

Yes. Visit the old Absecon Lighthouse. Check out the African American Heritage Museum for cool insights. These places are great for learning.

Which venues are best for live shows and performances in Atlantic City?

For music, go to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and the Borgata Music Box. For theater and laughs, see The Comedy Stop or the Atlantic City Ballet. They offer different shows for all tastes.

What outdoor activities and parks are recommended in Atlantic City?

The beach is awesome, but there’s more. Try Brighton Park and the Marina District. They’re perfect for jogging, biking, and picnics by the sea.

What water sports are available in Atlantic City?

You can jet ski, parasail, and paddleboard. These fun activities give you a cool view of the coast and exciting water adventures.

What annual events and festivals should I not miss in Atlantic City?

Check out the Atlantic City Airshow, the Beer and Music Festival, and Miss America. These events show off the city’s fun culture.

What are some good day trips from Atlantic City?

Visit Cape May or drive to Philadelphia. These places have their own special attractions. They offer great experiences not far from Atlantic City.

What are some of the top experiences in Atlantic City?

Walk the Boardwalk and try local food. Enjoy a live show, gamble at casinos, and relax on the beaches. Atlantic City has something for everyone.

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