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About Me

Costa,New owner of TravelProGuide

Welcome to TravelProGuide. I’m Costa, your humble born-to-traveler-and-motorcycle-enthusiast and the founder of this site; I’m glad to show you around!

About TravelProGuide

We at TravelProGuide want to give you an overview and details of International travel destinations. We want to see you becoming an experienced traveller. You can find here the major travel destinations in the world. Be ready to visit places you have never seen before. Not only the beautiful sites but also the hidden gems off the path. You may seek for inspiration as well.

A Passion for Travel and Motorcycles

My passion for travel and motorcycles is something I have always had. From exploring new countries, cultures and traditions to carving through mountains wearing just a T-shirt and jeans on two wheels.

What You’ll Find Here

I will share some information about my own travel activities, some planning tips/tricks that might lead to similar personal travels, some of the best places to visit and interesting topics for travel, and a little information on motorcycle travel. Hopefully, we can all find some of these topics important, or interesting enough to continue the conversation.

Join the Journey

Please join me on this journey of a lifetime, discovering and revealing the wealth of our planet, from A to Z. Let me take you across the globe – all the places I’ve been, and some I still plan to go.

Connect With Me

I’d like to hear from you.Do you have a question which you would like to ask me before you book your next vacation?I would love to hear about your travel predictions for 2024, or your own vacations experiences, whether they are good or bad. You can contact me using the email travelproguide.net@gmail.com or through our social media.

Thank you for visiting TravelProGuide. Let’s make every journey an unforgettable one!