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About Travel Pro Guide

Hi, travellers and adventurers! You have arrived at the online verison of Travel Pro Guide, the blog inspiring and helping travellers to discover this wonderful world on two wheels. Whether you are an experienced biker looking at doing your next bike trip or a traveller who wants to consider motorcycle travel for the first time, you have come to the right place!

That’s why, at Travel Pro Guide, we firmly believe that the best way to ride that open road is from the seat of a high-revving but high-controlling motorcycle. To feel the gusts of wind and be immersed with each change of landscape and culture, as well as being able to meet locals and interact with their cultures firsthand – these are what motorcycle travel is all about. It stimulates our senses on a level that floors the soul.

Welcome to Driving the Nomad – your travel companion that goes beyond the ordinary and provides a way to live a life on the road. We aim to deliver insider tips, practical hacks, gorgeous pictures, and entertaining stories that will make your experience on the road better. We are not just a travel blog; we are motorcyclists who’ve travelled continents and cultures on our bikes.

The Founder’s Story

This passion project was the idea of it’s founder Costa (C. Matees) from Travel Pro Guide, who over the last 14 years has completely changed his life through a series of 2 wheeled journeys through 14 countries on 3 continents , and epic motorcycle journeys through India, Vietnam, Italy, Germany and so on.

From skirting cows in India to traversing the green beauty of Italy, from taking on the mythic German Autobahns to working his way way off seasonal grids in Vietnam, Costa has something located in his saddlebags on his motorcycle that allowed him to sleep on beaches, get lost time after time, deal with breakdowns, and enjoy the hospitality of locals more times than he could count.

Costa recounts these unvarnished, often painful stories and hard-won advice as experience you mustn’t simply prepare for, but now be ready to endure and receive in motorcycle travel — abroad and across cultures and landscapes far different to your own.

He’s joined by a stellar team of writers, photographers, videographers and industry authorities, all equally as driven as Costa to explore off the beaten track by bike;  Between them, they have unintentional wifi-hacking in Sri Lanka,  riding through a gale-force headwind on a canal barge in Holland, losing their imaginations in Berkat in Bali, dodging rain in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam and a zillion other impossible-to-replicate but guaranteed-to-inspire you scenarios.

More Than Just Stories

Yes, there will be travel stories and inspiration, but Travel Pro Guide is more than a travel blog — we want to provide useful resources that cover the full spectrum of what it means to travel by motorcycle:

•Detailed destination guides packed with trusted hotel, camping, fuel stop, and “biker-friendly” recommendations

• Comprehensive gear reviews to make sure you have the tools necessary for every weather and adventure.

•Step-by-step tutorials for motorcycle repairs, maintenance, and packing

•Comprehensive road trip routes with turn-by-turn directions, mileposts, and safety tips

•One-of-a-kind videos that bring destinations and rides to life

•Interviews with fellow moto-nomads, explorers, and local experts

We want to become the premier online resource and guide for anyone who wants to satisfy their motorcycle wanderlust – whether that is a weekend away from home or a ride around the world. We provide you with the hard-earned intelligence gained from our own experiences, so that you can take great trips and make the most of your time on the road.

So go to the shoulder, take off your lid, get comfortable. Peruse our Continental Ride Guides and start pinning your next motorcycle escape. Join the Travel Pro Guide online community for other ride-minded wanderers and worn-heel rovers, and email me anytime with questions, comments, or stories of your own.

Get out there and experience a lifetime of change. We’ll help you equip yourself, prepare you to explore, and then set you loose and, together, we’ll try to accumulate experiences, not things, because in the end, those will be the best souvenirs.

Ready to hit the road? Let’s go!

CONTACT: travelproguide.net@gmail.com